The New Filipino Private School

New Filipino Private School

Name of School : The New Filipino Private School
Address : P.O. Box 6234
    Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Contact Numbers : TN: (9716) 566-1331
FN: (9716) 566-0570
Mobile: (97150)549-0757
E-mail Address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Date Established : 14 September 1996
Start of Operations : 14 September 1996
Permit from Host Govt. : 630/2
Date of issuance : September 1996
School Owner : Private Individuals (UAE Nationals)
No. of Enrollees :  
(SY 2011-2012)    : 890 students
School’s Category : Category IV
School Principal : Ms. Luzviminda P. Corpuz



The New Filipino Private School (NFPS) is the very first Filipino school in the United Arab Emirates to be given license to operate using the Filipino curriculum by the Philippine Department of Education and the UAE Ministry of Education. It was founded by Miss Aghsan Mousa, Mrs. Myrtle Fernandez, and Mrs. Zenaida Dizon. They were assisted by two well-rounded educators, Mrs. Luzviminda Corpuz and Mrs. Lolita Irong, together with Mrs. Anna Castillo who was then the school registrar.

The NFPS’ first year of operation was successfully launched on 14 September 1996. It was initially manned by 21 well-experienced and highly qualified teachers meticulously screened from various schools in Manila, both private and public. The three buildings were expanded to four on the second year of the school’s operation due to the increase in enrollment. The NFPS is situated right at the heart of Sharjah making it accessible to all Filipino communities.

With the effective implementation of the Philippine curriculum, emphasizing on major subjects including mathematics, science, english, Filipino and MAKABAYAN, the NFPS has produced students who fared well in qualifying examinations in the different universities in the Philippines.


The NFPS has the mission to provide affordable and quality education to the children of the Filipino community, and to maintain its services at the highest standard.


The NFPS envisions every learner to be functionally literate and equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge, which will enable him/her to face with confidence the challenges of life ahead. It sees each learner as an individual imbued with desirable values of patriotism, mindfulness of humanity, respect for nature and Godliness.


The NFPS, like other educational institutions, aims to develop the whole person right from his/her childhood so that he/she may in due time become a true member and an outstanding leader of the democratic society to which he/she belongs. A balanced emphasis is placed on the promotion of all phases of a child’s development, namely, his/her moral, intellectual, and physical growth. Academically, the school aims to prepare the students for the pursuit of higher learning after their high school course.