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International Philippine School in Al-Khobar

Name of School


International Philippine School in Al-Khobar



P.O. Box 4839, Al-Khobar 31952

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Contact Numbers


TN: (9663)889-1487

FN: (9663)899-3698/889-5805

E-mail Address


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Date Established


15 September 1988

Start of Operations


24 June 1989

Permit from Host Govt.



Date of issuance


08 May 1995

School Owner


Community - owned

No. of Enrollees


922  students        (All Filipinos)

School’s Category


Category I


The International Philippine School in Al-Khobar (IPSA), formerly known as Philippine Embassy School in Al-Khobar (PESA) was organized in September 1988 by a group of Filipino expatriates on family status and living in the vicinity of Al Khobar. It started its academic operation in June 1989 with a Temporary Permit No. 001 s. 1989 issued by the Philippine Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS), signed by Secretary Lourdes Quisumbing.

On 25 July 1989, the Chief of the Philippine Mission in Riyadh, Dr. Mauyag Moh'd Tamano sent a letter to inform the Saudi government official assigned in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of the intent to put up a Philippine Embassy School in Al-Khobar under the auspices of the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh. The school would follow the Philippine educational system.

On 31 January 1995, the PESA got DECS Recognition No. 01 s. 1995 signed by Secretary Ricardo T. Gloria. It was awarded its host license to operate on 1415/12/29 with Saudi Permit No. 2/1937.

In compliance with a directive issued by the Saudi Ministry of Education that all foreign schools should carry the words International Schools only modified by the name of the country of the citizens they serve, the PESA was renamed as the “International Philippine School in Al-Khobar” during SY 1995-1996. It is now a member of the Saudi Arabian International Schools.


The vision of the International Philippine School in Alkhobar (IPSA): An Excellent Filipino Community School in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Pro-God, Highly Productive Students, Globally Competitive Graduates and Responsible Filipino Citizens.

Mission Statement

The IPSA is dedicated to providing affordable and quality education with exceptional value-focused formation to Filipino children by employing a dedicated, professional and competent faculty and staff and through the establishment of standard school facilities and an environment conducive for both learning and teaching.

Specifically, the IPSA aims to develop the students/pupils’ abilities, skills, interests and capabilities through meaningful learning experiences; shape human personality, which will be unique, free, responsible and loving with a social conscience and a sense of loyalty and patriotism; equip the students/pupils with the latest concepts, skills and competencies in all major curricular offering such as english, filipino, mathematics, science, social studies, information technology, home economics, values education, health and music that will make them globally competitive; prepare students/pupils to take their place in society to become responsible and upright citizens; and provide total human development which includes intellectual, physical, spiritual, social, moral and emotional values in life.

Moreover, it conscientiously tries to attain the objectives set by the Philippine Department of Education.