Philippine School Bahrain


Name of School : Philippine School Bahrain
Address : Bldg. 989, Road 3222, Blk. 732, A’Ali
P.O. Box 10417, Manama, Bahrain
Telephone Number : (973) 176-454-51
Fax Number : (973) 176-441-01
Email Address :
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Date Established : October 1994
Start of Operations : 26 August 1995
Permit from Host Govt. : 95/477
Date of issuance : 27 September 1995
Permit from Deped Government Permit - 001
Government Recognition - 001
Date of Issuance GP - 04 March 1997
GR - 27 May 2016
Senior High School Permit : No. 1
Date Issued : 18 April 2016 (For SY 2016-2017)
Tracks/Strands : Academic: ABM, STEM
School Owner : Community- owned
No. of Enrollees : 166 (Pre-school)
(SY 2015-2016) : 585 (Elementary)
: 394 (Secondary)
1,145 students
School’s Category : Category I
School Director : Dr. Geronimo R. Salem, Jr.
High School Principal : Dr. Ferdinand J. Epoc



The Philippine School Bahrain (PSB) was established in 1994 through the initiative and cooperative efforts of 27 Filipinos who became its founders. The school provides pre-elementary, elementary and secondary education to Filipino children in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It uses the Philippine curriculum to facilitate the smooth integration of home-bound children in the mainstream of Philippine education system. Upon the approval of the Ministry of Education, and with three rented villas at the Kanoo Gardens, it formally opened its doors to Filipino students on 26 August 1995. Because of its strong commitment to provide quality education, the PSB was recognized by the Philippine government on 30 March 2000. Through the leadership of the Board of Governors headed by Mr. Rodrigo Acosta, Chairman, and Mr. Reuel Castro, Vice-Chairman, the PSB has become an institution which promotes not only academic excellence but also Filipino values and cultural heritage among Filipino children in Bahrain.

Today, through the bayanihan spirit and unwavering support of Filipinos in Bahrain as well as the unfailing generosity of the government of the Kingdom of Bahrain, the PSB has developed into a big institution of learning in a spacious campus at A’Ali. The PSB is a Filipino home away from home. It faithfully abides by its motto “excellence through wisdom” for the greater glory of every Filipino, for the Philippines, for the Kingdom of Bahrain and for God.

The PSB is also preparing for PAASCU accreditation. Dr. Geronimo Salem, school principal, personally visited the PAASCU office in Quezon City to signify the intentions of the school to pursue accreditation. The teachers are sent annually to seminars, workshops and trainings in the Philippines to keep them abreast with the current trends in education and to keep them more responsive to the needs of the community they serve.

The school remains active in cultural events and other extra-curricular activities. It has produced graduates who fared well in leading universities in the Philippines.

Founders of the Philippine School Bahrain

Rodrigo C. Acosta

Agapito Argueza

Zenaida Arevalo

Reuel Castro

Luz Cordova

Ernesto Cuello

Josephine Fernandez

Pompey Ferrer

Myrna Gaspar

Efren Guico

Fe Gutierrez

Oscar Japitana

Jose Larano, Jr.

Maria Esperanza Liamco

Rod Lucio

Arturo Marquez

Nerissa Mercado

Venus Privado

Edgardo Querijero

Gerry Ramos

Akmad A. Sakkam

Ruby P. Sakkam

Benjamin Sangalang

Armando Santiago

Rod Taipan

Lolita Tolentino

Evelyn Zarate

Other members of the Filipino community who took part in the organization and establishment of Philippine School Bahrain

Renato Alviar

Guillermo Bantugan

Melencio Calimlim

Fernando Calma

Buenaventura Cenzon

Leonardo Escolano

Alberto Gutierrez

Ramon Landingin

Oscar Lim

Marcial Mojica

Rosanna Matila

Simplicio Polinar

Mario Santiago

Joel Valenzuela