Al Danah International School

al dahah

Name of School : Al Danah International School
Address : Sulaimania St. P.O. Box 58409,
Riyadh 11594
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Telephone Number : TN: (9661) 473-9030
Fax Number : FN: (9661) 476-3718
E-mail Address :

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Date Established : June 1995
Start of Operations : June 1995
Permit from Host Govt. : 101/S
Date of issuance : 01/05/1428H
Senior High School Permit : No. 16
Date Issued : 13 June 2016
Tracks/Strands : GAs, STEM
School Owners :
Mr. & Mrs. Kanueng
Ms. Dolores A. Chanduangto
No. of Enrollees
138 (Pre-School)
387 (Elementary)
228 (Secondary)
    753 students
School’s Category : Category III
School Principal : Mrs. Leonila S. Tuico
School Administrators :
Ms. Paz Bea
Mrs. Dolores A. Chanduangto


The Al Danah International School (ADIS) started in 1995 as a nursery school. The increasing demand of parents for the education of their children led to the establishment of the kindergarten, preparatory, elementary and high school levels.

Maintaining a learning center then was not easy. Various problems and difficulties were encountered but the support of the parents, the inspiration given by the children, and desire of the school administration to serve, were more than enough to sustain what was started.

Now under the supervision of the Ministry of Education with international license to operate, License No. S-101, the ADIS is also authorized by the Philippine Department of Education to implement the Philippine Curriculum under government Recognition No. SP-002 s.2009.

The school believes that the secret of success in learning is attributed to an effective program of instruction as well as competent and committed teachers who will implement the program. The ADIS ensures that its faculty is fully equipped with the right training and academic qualifications to be able to deliver a teaching program that will help prepare students to become globally competitive.

Indeed, the teaching and learning in the ADIS redounds to one ultimate objective – to see every child realize the value of education. This can make him/her a good, useful, concerned, educated and fulfilled citizen not only of his country but of this world. In this school, we make sure that the pupils, students, faculty and staff are contented and happy.


To be a learning institution that produces globally competitive graduates meeting the international standard of quality and excellence in pre-school, elementary, and high school education.


The mission of the ADIS is geared towards the pursuit of a better quality education emphasizing on the formation of skills and knowledge necessary to make the full development of the child – mentally, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually.