Future Generation Philippine International School

future_gen_p_IS Name of School : Future Generation Philippine International School
Address : Al-Baljourashi St. Suleimaniah District
    Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Contact Numbers : TN: (966-11)465-6298
    FN: (966-11)465-4539
Mobile: (96650) 097-5829
E-mail Address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Date Established : 23 April 2006
Start of Operations : 10 June 2006
Permit from Host Govt. : 269/S
Date of issuance : June 2006
School Owner : El Sheikha / Barea Bint Sabah Al Salim Al Hamoud Al
  : (Saudi National)

No. of Enrollees

(SY 2011-2012)

: 1,128 students  
School’s Category : Category IV
 School Principal : Ms. Marie Con Caro

Asst. School Principal


Ms. Zenaida Meren



The Future Generation Philippine International School (FGPIS) was founded through the collaboration of the school owner Sheikha Bareah Bint Sabah Salem Al Hamoud Al Sabah, Kuwaiti princess and the group of seven dedicated, intellectuals, and efficient Filipino teachers headed by Mrs. Marie Con C. Caro, school principal and Mrs. Zenaida C. Meren, school assistant principal.

The school was established on 1 April 2006 and was first named the New Generation Philippine International School as depicted in the insignia of the school. After one month of operation, the Ministry of Education recommended that the name should be “Future Generation Philippine International School”. The school was granted by the Ministry of Education the Permit No. 269/S in June 2006.

The FGPIS adopts the Enriched Basic Education Curriculum program of the Philippine Department of Education with additional courses in Mathematics, Science, and English. It has opened the opportunity for learners to undergo a basic education of international standards where everyone experiences a close-knit academic community, where pupils/students, faculty members, parents and administrators are like friends, yet where respect, responsibility and other values remain intact.

The school was granted by the Philippine Department of Education a Government Recognition No. SP-001, Series 2009 on 23 January 2009.



Believing in the pursuit of quality education, the FGPIS envisions itself to be a leading Philippine school overseas committed to the holistic development of its graduates in basic education curriculum emphasizing science and technology.


The FGPIS shall develop individuals in a culture of excellence imbued with personal discipline and multi-cultural consciousness.


The FGPIS shall produce graduates who are academically equipped through an enriched basic education curriculum emphasizing science and technology, Mathematics and English communication skills; responsible and aware of global, societal and environmental issues and with a deep love of humanity and country.