Riyadh International School

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Name of School : Riyadh International School
Address : P.O. Box 27586
    Riyadh 11427, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Contact Numbers : TN: (966-11)293-6019; 293-5926
    FN: (9661)293-5895
Mobile: (96650) 204-7984;
(96654) 026-8542
E-mail Address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Date Established : 29 April 1998
Start of Operations : 02 May 1999
Permit from Host Govt. : 13/S
Date of issuance : 13 May 1998
School Owner : Maj. Gen. Abdul Karin Al-Eidan
    (Saudi National)

No. of Enrollees

(SY 2011-2012)

: 635 students   
School’s Category : Category IV
School Principal : Ms. Loreto S. Jayag


The Riyadh International School (RIS) is a value-oriented school which aims to provide quality education with values formation. Established by private individuals in April 1998 as a stock corporation, the school falls under the Category 4 of educational institutions.

The RIS endeavors to direct students towards a commendable conduct of behavior in consonance with the objectives for which the institution firmly stands for the development of a total person. It is committed to provide the students a well-rounded education that maximizes their potentials, and to help establish a solid foundation for their total personality development.

The RIS offers pre-school, elementary and secondary levels and follows the Philippine curriculum. A permit to operate was given to the RIS by the Philippine Department of Education in December 2005.


The RIS envisions an RIS graduate rooted in and inspired to develop all the aspects of his/her life necessary for bringing out the best from him/her for the good of the country and his/her fellowmen.


The RIS endeavors to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes, value and experiences necessary to equip the individual learner a desire for lifelong learning and a deeper sense of self-worth towards the realization of a better life and preparedness for global concerns.