Second Philippine International School

secondpis Name of School : Second Philippine International School
Address : P.O. Box 729
    Riyadh 11372, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Contact Numbers : TN: (966-11)217-1905 ext. 104
    FN: (966-11)465-4257
Mobile: (96650) 024-4803;
(95559) 855-3600
E-mail Address :

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Date Established : January 1999
Start of Operations : 03 July 1999
Permit from Host Govt. : 14/G
Date of issuance : 19 December 1999
School Owner : Ms Carina Marilyn Fredeluces
    Ms. Marylou Rosca

No. of Enrollees

(SY 2011-2012

: 641 students
School’s Category : Category II
School Principal : Mr. Anthony Mesina
OIC : Mr. Richard M. Galicia



The Second Philippine International School (SPIS) was conceptualized on 24December 1998 by Mrs. Carina Marilyn R. Fredeluces, Miss Marylou A. Rosca and Mrs. Epifania B. Bagalawis.

With the strong support of the Philippine Embassy through Minister Mariano A. Dumia and various Filipino communities, the school was endorsed by the then Department of Education Culture and Sports (DECS) now Department of Education (DepEd), and the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom (MOE) and was granted a permit to operate on 19 December 1999, with a Preliminary License No. 14/G, reference number 1943/420. On 17 February 2000, the DepEd issued the school a Permit to Operate No. 003, s. 2000. The school was also granted a DepEd Recognition on 04 December 2000.


School’s Vision

SPIS as an institution of learning provides better quality education for the dependents of all expatriates in Riyadh giving more priority to Filipino children. It envisions to make every learner a disciplined, God-loving, nationalistic, enlightened, self-reliant, and productive citizen that can be of value in the global community and to the society where he belongs when he goes back home to the Philippines. Thus, the SPIS’ thrust is “QUALITY EDUCATION FOR A WORLD-CLASS GENERATION.”

Learner’s Vision

The SPIS school learner is a well-rounded individual who actualizes the school’s thrust. He is imbued with desirable values such as discipline, love of God, nationalism, enlightenment, self-reliance, productivity, and global competitiveness. An SPIS student is directed, highly motivated and adept in using the latest technology.

Teacher’s Vision

The SPIS mentors are God-loving and values advocates. They are versatile in adapting to any type of learning milieu, empowered to make instructional decisions, proud of their profession, and take upon themselves the responsibility to develop professionally.

Management’s Vision

The SPIS curriculum is self-renewing and responsive to the needs of all types of learners and opportunities in a rapidly changing, technology-oriented global society.

Information Technology Networking’s Vision

The SPIS information network is designed to enhance capability - building for vision achievement.