Al Taj International School

 al tajIS

Name of School : Al Taj International School
Address : P.O. Box 85130, Riyadh 1169
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Telephone Number : (966-11) 478-8237
(966-11) 292-0450
Fax Number (966-11) 478-8237
E-mail Address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Date Established : 1993
Start of Operations : 1993
Permit from Host Govt. : 248/S
Date of issuance : 01 April 2006
Senior High School Permit : No. 7
Date Issued : 03 May 2016
Tracks/Strands : Academic: GAs
School Owners : HRH Princess Fahada
Hatlool Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud
(Saudi Nationals)

No. of Enrollees
(SY 2015-2016)


204 (Pre-School)
529 (Elementary)
308 (High School)
1,088 students   
School’s Category : Category IV
School Principal Ms. Perlita F. Ponciano
Administrator : Dr. Amelia P. Dela Cruz




On the strength of its license from the Ministry of Education in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Permit No. 248/S) and its government permit to operate from the Philippine Department of Education (Permit No. 004, s. 2007), the Al Taj International School aspires to provide quality education designed for the welfare of its pupils and students.

With its competent administrator, the school commits itself to develop the total personality – physical, mental, social, and emotional – of each child entrusted under its care and supervision.

The Al Taj International School had its beginnings in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It started as a small nursery for child care, owned and managed by Princess Fahda Bint Hathlool Abdul-Aziz Al Saud.

In 1993, the school was named Riyadh Montessori and started to accommodate students to its nursery and preparatory programs. The school’s enrollees gradually increased and several changes of location had to be made to cater this growth.

As the school population increased, it also had to relocate. It also undertook changes in name, from Riyadh Montessori to Al Taj Private School to Al Taj National Elementary School, and finally to Al Taj International School, in 2001.

Through the leadership of School Administrator, Dr. Amelita P. dela Cruz, the school was granted the Provisional Government Permit by the Philippine Department of Education on 3 April 2006.

On 15 March 2007, the Philippine Department of Education granted the Al Taj International School the Government Permit to Operate pre-elementary, elementary, and secondary courses under Government Permit No. 004, s. 2007.

The first High School Commencement Exercises of the school was in SY 2004-2005. The Al-Taj has already graduated five batches of high school students.


The Al Taj International School envisions a school that shall be the center for language teaching utilizing the English language as the primary medium of instruction. It shall make available a conducive atmosphere for the development of the three domains of learning namely: cognitive, affective, and psychomotor.


The Al Taj International School shall provide young minds knowledge through a teaching-learning atmosphere adhering to the utmost academic requirements to cultivate the student’s potentials, individually and socially.


The Al Taj International School aims to give its pupils and students the by-products of an excellent education which include fineness, brilliance, and distinction. With this, the school will eventually generate graduates with a clear understanding of their line of interest, concentration, awareness, and proficiency.

Having the English language as the primary medium of instruction, the Al Taj International School, moreover intends to provide its pupils and students the advantage of being at the edge in utilizing the language in all forms of communication.

Finally, amidst all the academic preparations, the Al Taj International School still earnestly aspires to provide its pupils and students with a good insight of moral values, discipline, and integrity by fusing the best efforts of the family and the school in giving them the appropriate foundations of character and moral fiber.