Philippine-Emirates Private School (formerly PISCO Private)


Name of School :

Philippine-Emirates Private School (formerly PISCO Private)

Address : P.O. Box 29317
    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Contact Numbers : TN: (9712)641-5761 ; 641-9611
    FN: (9712)641-5761
Mobile: (97150) 417-8105
E-mail Address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Date Established : 07 April 1995
Start of Operations : August 1995
Permit from Host Govt. : 1/422
Date of issuance : 25 August 2006
School Owner : Private Individuals –Owner(Filipino nationals)
  : Saleh Heraiz Al Mazrouie – Sponsor (Arab National)
No. of Enrollees : Engr. & Dr. Milderd Go
(SY 2008-2009) : 147 pre-school
    407 elementary
    227 secondary
  : 781  students     (Fil. – 774, Non-Fil. – 7)   
School’s Category Category III
School Principal : Ms. Rosemarie Natividad



The PISCO Private School (PPS) is a Filipino-owned private school, dedicated to the realization of an effective delivery of service to the Filipino community.

On 23 August 1995 the school obtained its license from the Ministry of Education (No. 1/95). In September 1995, the PPS opened its doors to students wishing to take up pre-elementary, elementary and secondary levels of education following the Philippine educational curriculum.

On 16 October 1996 the PPS was granted a Permit to Operate by the Government of the Philippines.

By authority of the Department of Education, all pupils/ students of PPS were no longer required to take the validation exams when transferring to other schools. Graduating pupils/ students were administered with the National Elementary Achievement Test and the National Secondary Achievement Test. The PPS students had been excelling in the said tests ever since these were initially administered.

At present, the PPS is continuously serving the Filipino community in Abu Dhabi and has been providing quality basic education among its students with emphasis on developing positive values, nationalism and the pride for the Filipino identity.

Mission - Vision Statement

The PISCO Private School pledges itself to the realization of a competent delivery of service to the Filipino community. It is committed to provide quality education tailored on relevant and functional curriculum with the vision of producing graduates who are not only creative but are value-oriented individuals as well.

The PISCO Private School, in extolling academic excellence as its major thrust in the academe, provides an environment for the development of a student’s maximum potential through wholesome classroom and extra-curricular activities, while instilling pride for our cultural heritage and national identity.