Philippine School in Greece


Name of School : Philippine School in Greece
    (formerly KAPHILCA AND PLC)
Address : 15 Thimaton Polemou, Kareas Vyronas, Athens, Greece 16233
Telephone Number : (211) 014-9970
E-mail Address :

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Date Established : 9 September 1997
Start of Operations : 9 September 1997
Permit from Host Govt. :  
Date of Issuance :
29 June 1999 (Pre-school and Elementary)
17 September 2013 (Secondary)
Permit from DepEd :

Provisional Government Permit No. 07
(Pre-school and Elementary)
Government Permit - 06 (Secondary)
Date of Issuance : 15 December 2009
Senior High School Permit : No. 09
Date of Issuance : 03 May 2016
Tracks/Strands : Academic: GAs
School Owner : Community-owned
No. of Enrollees : 21 (Preschool)
(SY 2015-2016) 69 (Elementary) 
  57 (Secondary) 
    147 Students
School’s Category : Category I
Officer-In-Charge Ms. Luz C. Taa


The Katipunan Philippines Cultural Academy (KAPHILCA) was inspired by the idea that young Filipinos overseas must never become alienated from their native land; they must know about their Filipino identity and culture, and must be given the best opportunity to learn about the Philippines and its people.

The KAPHILCA was established in 1997 to provide affordable formal education to dependents of overseas Filipino workers in Greece. It was borne of a vision shared by the Philippine Embassy in Athens, the Filipino community in Greece, and the Commission on Filipinos Overseas, with a start-up contribution from the President’s Social Fund and the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office.

The school was accredited by the Department of Education of the Philippines on 26 October 1999. Since the school follows the curriculum prescribed by the DepEd, it enables students to be readily integrated into the Philippine school system on their return to the country, and to cultivate in them their Filipino identity and character.